At Mentor Me India, we take our work seriously. We work tirelessly to fulfill our mission to help children reach their full potential. If you want to join us in creating meaningful change in India, here are a few ways you can get involved.


Join Us as a Mentor

If you’re based out of Mumbai, a graduate and comfortable with basic English or Hindi, you can join us as a Mentor! All we need is a year’s commitment with minimum of 6 hours per month. Come, be a mentor to someone, be the reason for change.


Applications for our Summer 2017 mentor cohort are now closed


Help Us

In case you’re unable to join us as a Mentor, you can always help us with your skills. We constantly look for people with Photography, Videography, Marketing, Event Management, Website Development and Design skills. Write to us at and we will get back to you.



If you believe in our cause and wish to support us empower children in need through inspiring role models, donate to us and contribute in bringing these kids a step closer to their dreams. Currently, we support 443 mentor-mentee pairs across 11 centres in Mumbai.

At the current scale of operations, matching and supporting a single Mentor-Mentee pair costs us INR 12,000 for a year.

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