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“About my mentee, well… she is a darling with views of her own. She is full of surprises”, exclaimed Anjali, our super-energetic mentor, when asked about her 12-year old mentee, Muskan!

Anjali couldn’t have been more proud of Muskan. Muskan is a quiet little girl from one of the low-income communities in Mumbai and aspires to become a doctor. She is also the winner of our recently organised Mini-Mentee poetry competition where all mentees channeled their inner poets on the theme ‘My Dream(s)’.

With Children’s Day around the corner and the launch of second part of our ‘Dream Big. Dream 1000.’ crowdfunding campaign in association with United Way and Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018, Mentor Me India recently organised this competition to combine fun with learning. And we were clearly amazed to read some of the poems penned down by our unseen little Tagores & Naidus. Of all the entries, Muskan’s poem, ‘A Billion Smiles’, won our hearts and the competition, both!

'A Billion Smiles'

Here’s a snippet from her poem, “Come big come small, Muskan Doctor is here for all. Study hard, practice smart, make this world a beautiful art…go a mile, an extra mile, to achieve a billion smiles”.

Anjali shares that just when she had started wondering whether she had been able to touch Muskan’s life in any way or not, Muskan came up with this crafts book that had all their mentoring sessions captured, right from day one. And in that book she says the idea behind ‘A Billion Smiles’ took roots. Leafing through the book, Anjali recalled that it was in one of their previous group mentoring sessions around Aspirations that Muskan, as part of an activity, had made her visiting card that read: “Dr. Muskan, M.B.B.S, London”.

“She has no clue about her good qualities. She can grasp things and just needs quick recaps to help her sail through”, asserts Anjali.

There are thousands of children like Muskan, dreams in their eyes and hopes in their hearts, unaware of their potential or the opportunities that lie ahead! So why not come together this Children’s Day and support such #1000LittleDreamers find a mentor next year, realize their dreams, and reach their fullest potential? Join us in our ongoing Crowdfunding campaignbecome a crowdfunder or donate to our cause at:


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