Founded in 2013, Mentor Me India has grown to 11 centers across Mumbai, with a dedicated team of 8 whose efforts have helped matched over 400 Mentor-Mentee pairs by the year 2017. All of this would not have been possible without strong support from our Partners.



Our corporate partners, through funding and other support, empower us in many ways to run mentoring programs across the city. Some of them are our “mentor partners”, i.e. they encourage employees to send in applications to mentor with us. Other are donors, or support us with in-kind support.

1. Godrej
Godrej encourages its team members to volunteer their time through different initiatives to help form deeper and meaningful connections with the community they work in. Mentor Me India is proud to partner with Godrej to help children in low-income communities grow to their full potential. We have had Godrejites take up mentoring projects and also provide funding support. Our young students are constantly inspired by the amazing personal journeys of Godrejiites. This is a partnership that continues to grow every year.

2. Kryfs
The KRYFS team, based in Bandra, is not only taking large strides in the renewable energy space, along with being a leader in the transformer core industry, it is also making impact in the social sector through a host of NGOs. For over two years (from 2014 to 2016), the KRYFS team not only shared its office space with us, entirely pro-bono, but also made us feel a part of their large-hearted family – through shared celebrations on birthdays and festivals.

3. Larsen and Tubro
Larsen and Toubro’s (L&T’s) passionate and supportive Corporate Social Responsibility Team actively encourages employees to volunteer for various causes. We have been partners with them since 2015 and our largest pool of mentors (over 25 in all) comes from this organization. These dedicated mentors give their mentees the benefit of their time and expertise at our centres at Goregaon, Grant Road, Powai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.


4. AllCargo

5. Blackstone

6. TakeCharge

7. Parthenon

8. Piramal Foundation

9. United Way Mumbai and Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon



Our NGO partners include schools, shelter homes and orphanages where our mentees come from. We appreciate the opportunity given to us by our mentee partners to set up mentoring relationships for their children. Some of these partners additionally provide us with funding support needed to run our mentoring program.

1. Rosy Blue Foundation
The Rosy Blue Foundation, established in 2010, aims to enhance the community service commitment of the Rosy Blue Group. The team strongly believes that education is instrumental for empowering individuals and enabling them to achieve their true potential. To that end, the team works with and supports various NGOs. MMI is proud to have been an RBF partner since 2015. The foundation not only sponsors mentoring programs for 36 vulnerable children in Grant road, Thane and Navi Mumbai, but also continues to be a strong thought partner to MMI team.

Community Outreach Programme (CORP) was established in 1977, with a mission to help communities become fully functional and self-reliant. CORP gives its beneficiaries access to health care, education, nutrition and vocational training, and aims to cut through the cycle of poverty through a wide range of interventions. They started operations in Dharavi and now work in more than 13 slum communities in Mumbai. Mentor Me India currently supports mentoring relationships for 12 children enrolled in CORP.

3. AB Goregaonkar School (ABGES)
Located in Goregaon, ABGES school has been a Mentor Me India partner since December 2014. With their support, we have enabled over 100 Mentor-Mentee relationships. Our Mentors have access to the school’s huge playground and wide spaces for the one-to-one meetings with their Mentees, and events like the Big MMI Day have been held at ABGES. The school has been very supportive of the program and is very keen to create an impact in the life of the students.

4. Chandrabhaga Vidya Mandir (CVM)
Chandrabhaga Vidya Mandir, started in a Goregaon slum 25 years ago, has been partnering with Mentor Me India since December 2015. As of summer 2016, we support 72 Mentor-Mentee pairs here. CVM takes proactive steps to ensure that the mentoring program is successful and that the students benefit from the program. The school team’s enthusiastic participation extends to motivating mentors to organize several programs, like movie screenings and special computer classes for their mentees.

5. Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF)
Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) is a social change organization working in the Indian education space since 2008. Through its two flagship programs, the School Leadership Development Program (SLDP) and the Gandhi Fellowship, KEF is committed to transforming the quality of education in 1235 public schools in over three Indian states. The foundation has helped set up a partnership between MMI and a municipal school in Thane, from where 50 children have been enrolled into our mentorship program. KEF is also providing MMI funding support for this cohort.

6. Udaan Foundation
The groundwork for what is Udaan India Foundation today was laid in August 2004, when a few like-minded people came together for a common cause – a cause to educate underprivileged children in their neighbourhood. With no formal system or infrastructure in place, all that was there was a purpose to get together as many children as they could from the bastis nearby, and teach them how to read and write. Starting with 26 children, the learning center soon grew into an after-school centre of quality education with a structured learning programme, impacting over 800 beneficiaries. Mentor Me India has partnered with Udaan to support the entire 9th grade class and has provided mentors for 38 students. Our partner shares our vision, that every child should be given an equal opportunity to reach his/her full potential.

7. Akanksha Foundation:
Founded by Shaheen Mistri who works primarily in the field of education, the Akanksha foundation addresses non-formal education through its Akanksha center and also formal education by initiating school reform through The School Project. Akanksha currently reaches out to around 6000 children in Mumbai and Pune. Our very first Mentee Partner, Akanksha will always be very close to our hearts – back when mentoring was a budding new idea, they believed in us and gave us the opportunity to launch our Mumbai Pilot Project in 2013.

8. Doorstep School

9. Rajasthani Sammelan Education Trust



1. UpGrad


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