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Richa and Heena


While most pre-teens are either blissfully unaware of their aspirations or afraid of dreaming big [particularly in low-income communities], one of our mentees Maya (name changed) is an exception. She dreams of becoming a scientist and starting her own research facility!

When Mentor Me India introduced Richa, a R&D Asst. Manager chosen to be Maya’s mentor, to this wonderful young dreamer, Richa was taken by one of the most pleasant surprises of her life. The two shared not one, not two, but many commonalities, which ranged from a passion for mathematics, science, reading, writing, sports and seafood, to a fear of stray dogs.

“This meant that our wavelength matched right from the beginning. Hence all our meetings were always fun-filled – playing football, visiting bookstores and interacting at length,” recalls Richa cheerfully.

But the path to building upon and consequently helping a child realize her dream is not all that easy. Over a period of time, Richa discovered from Maya’s aunt that despite Maya’s potential, she didn’t study properly. This resulted in low scores and an unfulfilled potential. Richa realized that the time had come for her to fulfill her actual purpose in joining Mentor Me India, to make a measurable impact in the life of her mentee.

Richa knew that simply advising Maya on what needs to be done to improve her academic performance would not make a real difference. Therefore, during one of their one-on-one sessions, she nonchalantly shared with Maya her own academic journey – the ups and downs of it, her study ethics, strategies, and so on, with particular emphasis on consistency. While demonstrating how regular studies and persistence could lead her to her dreams, Richa linked her own story with that of her mentee’s aspiration in the hope of eliciting similar dedication from Maya. But looking at Maya’s torpor as usual, Richa was a bit worried about whether she had succeeded or not in making her point. With exams round the corner, her concern kept increasing and she would constantly keep reminding Maya about the perks of studying regularly.

But to Richa’s surprise, Maya aced all her subjects that exam! She had started studying regularly as she understood that her Didi’s strategy was absolutely correct. Five months into their journey, the two had come to know & understand each other really well. In one of their games wherein each had to jot down the other’s likes and dislikes, Maya once again surprised Richa when she confidently claimed: “Didi likes timetables”!

“While mentoring Maya for over ten months, I believe I too had been mentored in more than one ways. I evidently became more self-aware and certainly a lot more compassionate towards my community”, asserts Richa cheerfully!

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