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We at Mentor Me India (MMI) currently support over 400 mentoring relationships across Mumbai. This year, we dreamed a little bigger, a little better and set a goal of changing the lives of more than double this number of children!

To this end, we kick-started the ‘Dream Big. Dream 1000.’ crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM) 2018 and The United Way Mumbai in September 2017. Our goal was to raise INR 20,00,000 which would go towards matching #1000LittleDreamers with inspirational mentors to guide them.

Now, at the end of this remarkable journey spanning almost 5 months, we are overwhelmed to have received heart-warming responses from supporters, friends and family, and wish to share some of our noteworthy milestones!

Milestone #1: The Marathon

A total of over 50 runners, including two corporate teams, represented Mentor Me India at the TMM 2018! Special thanks to our T-shirt partner, Qiddo Sports Pvt. Ltd.


Milestone #2: MMI’s Crowdfunding Campaign

From September 2017 to January 2018, Mentor Me India raised funds worth about INR. 14.5 lakhs with contributions from over 200 supporters!




Milestone #3: NGO Privilege Levels

In addition to this, Mentor Me India was privileged  to be awarded the Level I NGO status by United Way Mumbai for raising exceptional amount of funds at the TMM 2018! Some of the benefits we received as a result:



In this extraordinary pursuit of our dream to fulfill a thousand more dreams, we were fortunate to have come across many inspiring stories and to have shared many more such with our universe at Mentor Me India. We were deeply moved by the little acts of kindness and at the same time, highly motivated by the grand achievements of our supporters. You can find these stories across social media channels under #1000LittleDreamers.

Wish to be a part of our next campaign? Drop in a note to



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