What is my role as a mentor?

As a mentor with Mentor Me India, you will start your mentoring journey by building a one-to-one relationship with a child. As a mentor to the child, you will be expected to be a:

Positive role model
Someone who inspires the mentee through positive values and behavior that the mentee wants to emulate

Listener and confidant
Someone who takes the time to listen to the mentee and that the mentee can open up to about anything

Sincere and committed
Someone who is sincere in her/his work and is a strongly committed individual

Trusted advisor and guide
Someone who deeply cares about the mentee, offers valuable advice and helps the mentee achieve their goals

Motivator and advocate
Someone who believes in the mentee, offers encouragement and brings out the best in them

Resource broker
Someone who provides access to people and resources that support the mentee in their development

Friend and companion
Someone who the mentee likes spending time with and who likes spending time with the mentee

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Where is Mentor Me India based out of?

We currently based in Mumbai, but plan to expand to other cities soon.

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Where do I meet my mentee?

Mentors typically meet the mentees at their school/community centers. With parents’ consent and permission, they are also allowed to visit them at their homes as well and take them for outside visits – Mentors are encouraged to take their mentees to public places of interest that are more accessible and that it adds value to their relationship. At all points, mentors will be responsible for the safety and well-being of the mentee.

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If I cannot be a mentor, how else can I contribute to Mentor Me India?

You can support us with fund-raising, partnering with your organization, represent us at your organization/community, participate in the Mumbai Marathon, etc – for further information on these or any another ways that you wish to discuss, please write to us at nikunj@mentormeindia.org.

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How is Mentor Me India funded?

We are largely funded by corporate partners like Godrej, AllCargo Logistics, Rosy Blue Foundation, FirstRand Bank etc. We also receive a lot of support from individual donors as well.

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How do I become a mentor?

In 4-easy steps:

1: Fill the application form (mentormeindia.org/apply)
2: Meet us for an interview
3: Attend training Sessions
4: Meet your mentee for the first time!

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What is the minimum duration of the programme?

The programme is one-year long. However, a lot of our mentor-mentees continue their relationship even beyond the formal duration.

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What backgrounds do the kids come from?

The mentees are typically 9-15 year old and belong to low-income communities. We also work with children from highly vulnerable sections of the society.

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Who are Mentor Me India’s partners?

We have corporate partners like AllCargo Logistics, Asian Paints, Godrej, L&T, Rosy Blue Foundation, The Parthenon Group among others. Our NGO/Community partners include Apne Aap Women’s Collective, Community Outreach Program (CORP India), Door Step School, The Akanksha Foundation and Udaan India Foundation.

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Who are the mentees?

The mentees are 9-15 year old children who are selected from public schools and NGOs from low income neighborhoods in Mumbai. The mentees are enrolled into the programme based on recommendations made by teachers, NGO/community partners and with consent from parents/guardians.

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How will my mentee and I be matched?

Mentors and mentees are matched based on location, personality, interests, background and career aspirations. Both fill out a brief survey prior to the induction phase that asks about these characteristics. The matching is done on a same-gender basis.

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How often should I meet my mentee?

As a mentor, you are expected to meet your mentee at least once every two weeks for 2-4 hours (a minimum of 6 hours a month).

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How will I be supported in my role as a mentor?

Mentors are supported by:
• comprehensive initial training session (2 days) and mid-year training session (1 day)
• induction sessions (2 to 4 days) where mentors first meet their mentees and build the foundation of their relationship through a series of activities
• regular small focus group sessions
• Mentor Handbook & Activity Guide
• ongoing access to Program Coordinator
• support from implementation partners (e.g. school leaders, RPG-Akshar teachers and liaison staff)

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What is the time commitment of the program?

Besides mandatory training and induction sessions (4-6 half-days in total), we require minimum fortnightly meetings with your Mentee for at least an hour at each instance (an average of 4 hours each month).

You will also be invited to meet up with your peers mentors in forum sessions where you can share your experiences and challenges, as well as learn from the other mentors, or receive punctual training on a specific topic. These should not be more than once every two months.

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Will Mentor Me India reimburse the costs I incur during my meetings with my mentee?

No – Mentors bear the cost of the meetings and transportation. However, we strongly encourages mentors and mentees to engage in free activities, such as visiting public places, meeting mentee at their home/school/community center, accessing existing resources, make the use of Mentor Me India community, etc

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Are the parents fully supportive of the programme?

Yes – MMI only selects mentees whose parents are fully supportive of the programme. All parents must sign parental consent forms and participate in meetings to stay updated on MMI-related matters.

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Will language be a barrier? What if I don’t speak Hindi, Marathi or the child’s native language?

Mentees are largely proficient in Hindi, Marathi and their native languages. To be a mentor, you must be comfortable in at least one if not more of these languages. Also, if you are good at English – that’s a plus, since that is one thing that most mentees enjoy learning from their mentors.

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