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Neha, a mentor and her mentee Nishreen (name changed) are from the first cohort of mentee-mentor pairs at Mentor Me India. Neha is an ambitious investment banker who is often identified as a workaholic by her friends. Nishreen speaks impeccable English. Divya (name changed) is Nishreen’s best friend at school who is an important chapter of Neha and Nishreen’s mentoring tale…


Dear Divya,

This is a secret letter… Please, don’t show it to anyone! We have known each other for 5 years now. You’ve become my very best friend and we share everything with each other. That’s why today, I want to tell you a secret…

5 years ago, I didn’t like you!

I had my reasons. Maybe you didn’t like me too. We never spoke and at that time, I was sure we never would! But then Neha didi entered our lives. Remember? Teacher announced in our class that some of us will get older friends who will talk to us, help us out, and be our mentor. We were each going to get one didi or bhaiyya. That’s how I met Neha didi. I could talk about anything with her. We used to talk so much about our lives…

Many times, I used to complain about you, in our weekly meetings. Neha didi always told me that the purpose behind your actions wasn’t to bother me. You may have had your own reasons for the way you behaved. She taught me that there is always a different side to this story, and to every story. That’s how I started understanding you better. In no time, we became friends. And today, we are inseparable!

Though didi doesn’t take any credit for doing this, I will be always thankful to her.

Neha didi and I are always honest with each other. She tells me if I am going wrong like when she told me about you. I do the same. I told her that she can’t work all the time. Even the clock’s battery dies sometimes. And she listened to me. With this letter, I wanted to be completely honest with you too.

Tomorrow is Friendship Day. I want to meet Neha didi and you, both. Please don’t tell Neha didi about this letter… Let it be our secret. I am glad to have you and Neha didi in my life. Happy Friendship Day, in advance!!!


Your best friend,



This mentoring tale has been represented in the form of a fictional letter.

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